Micro-credentials certify the learning outcomes of short-term learning experiences as a course or training. Micro-credentials are flexible and aimed at facilitating the acquisition of new competencies or retraining of students aiming to meet the needs of the labour market and are a tool ensuring a lifelong learning process.

Once a student of the has solved ECIU University challenge or completed a micro-module, micro-credentials are acquired and stored in the learner’s digital wallet. It is an electronic repository that contains information about the learning outcomes, the academic achievements, and the certificates or diplomas of completed studies.

The information is continuously updated and, at the student’s initiative, can be shared with other academic institutions where the student intends to continue his/her education (e.g., obtain a master’s or doctoral degree), potential employers and other organisations. Find out more out more about micro-credentials and their opportunities.


Key principles of micro-credentials

Key principles for the creation and issuing of micro-credentials • quality • transparency • relevance • flexible learning • international recognition • student-centred • wide availability • authenticity