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ECIU University brings together 13 strong European Universities with a total of more than 300 000 students. Some of them are involved in the activities of the ECIU University and are solving real-life tasks for companies and organisations. The ideas proposed by the students not only help the company to solve a challenge they are facing but also contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and have a positive impact on society.


Information for partners

  • innovative solutions to your challenge provided by international and interdisciplinary student teams;
  • connections with talented students and potential future employees;
  • contribution to improving the quality of higher education: the analysis of your challenge will help students gain the necessary problem-solving and teamwork experience and encourage their creative thinking needed for the development of innovations;
  • unique opportunity to become a co-founder of one of the first European universities and develop an innovative educational concept at the European level.
  • submit your challenge/assignment to be solved by international student teams;
  • contribute to the development of micro-modules (short lectures);
  • give presentations or organise workshops for students;
  • share your experience with the ECIU University community.

Socially responsible companies interested in national or global issues and able to dedicate time for meetings with students are welcome to submit challenges. This is a great opportunity to contribute to higher education activities and make connections with potential employees.

Contact us by email at to join ECIU University activities.


ECIU University partners in Lithuania


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