ECIU University for students


ECIU University activities for students

  • Gain practical experience working with companies and organizations from different European countries;
  • Acquire new knowledge and develop skills in problem-solving, idea generation, leadership, and teamwork;
  • Enhance your CV;
  • Apply a challenge-based learning method;
  • Make new friendships while working with an international team of students and lecturers;
  • Travel to the international universities (depending on the challenge);
  • Earn a score when applying for the KTU Talent Scholarship;
  • Contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 11) by proposing solutions with a positive impact on society;
  • Submit the results of the challenge for inclusion in the Diploma Supplement.
  • Gain additional competencies relevant to your needs;
  • Study at several European universities simultaneously;
  • Travel to the international universities (depending on the micro-module);
  • Study online or hybrid at the pace that suits you;
  • Earn a score when applying for the KTU Talent Scholarship;
  • Submit the results of the micro-modules for inclusion in the Diploma Supplement.

Why should you participate in ECIU University?


Information for students

To participate in ECIU University activities, students must:

  • Be enrolled at KTU;
  • Have completed at least two years of studies (equivalent to 120 ECTS credits) if they wish to participate in the Challenges, and meet the module admission requirements if they wish to participate in the micro-modules;
  • Possess at least a B2 level of English language.

Participation in ECIU University activities is free of charge for KTU students.

If you are unable to complete a challenge or micro-module for valid reasons, don’t worry. ECIU University activities are complementary and voluntary, so you will not incur any academic debt (unless the activity is mandatory in your study program).

Want to participate in ECIU University?

  • Create an account and log in using your KTU authentication credentials;
  • Choose a challenge or micro-module;
  • Check your eligibility your availability for the scheduled activity;
  • Submit your application, upload the required documents, and await a response.
  • If the activity involves physical mobility (a visit) to another country, and you have been accepted for participation, please contact
  1. Complete the challenge or micro-module.
  2. Earn ECTS credits (depending on your workload), a certificate of achievement, and a certificate of participation.
  3. Submit documentation to have the credits recognized in your study program as an extra-curricular module. Fill out the application form in the KTU Academic Information System (Recognition of study results).
  4. If you intend to have the credits recognized as a mandatory part of your study program, check with your study program supervisor before starting your studies at ECIU University to ensure that the challenge or micro-module you’ve chosen meets your KTU study program’s requirements.
  5. If you want apply for the KTU Talent Scholarship, proof of participation at ECIU University will earn you extra points.
  6. Upon completing the challenge, you’ll have the opportunity to develop the idea that you and your team have formulated as a solution to the challenge.
Judita Švaikauskaitė, KTU PhD student
Judita Švaikauskaitė

Simona Rašytinytė
Simona Rašytinytė

Yuliia Shulikova, a KTU student of Communication Studies and Information Management Technologies
Yuliia Shulikova

Student ambassador Osvaldas
Osvaldas Žilinskas

Picture of Danas Černeckas
Danas Černeckas

Picture of Kamilė Dargytė
Kamilė Dargytė

Picture of Mahammad Ismayilov
Mahammad Ismayilov

Picture of Gurban Shukurov
Gurban Shukurov

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