ECIU University challenges for students provided by AB Litgrid and Lithuanian Railways

ECIU | 2024-03-27

For a few years now, students from Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) and other ECIU University members have been teaming up for a special experience. We work in international teams to solve real-life problems. This year, two of all ECIU University challenges are provided by KTU and its partners. 

The first challenge, provided by AB Litgrid, focuses on strengthening electricity transmission networks to handle the expected increase of electricity (from 4.3 TWh to 74 TWH) produced from renewable energy sources. The second challenge, provided by Lithuanian Railways, seeks an eco-friendly way for cargo train movement. This includes areas like non-mainline railways, especially in the shunting of freight trains at stations and on access roads where diesel-powered trains are still common. 

Wanna participate in a similar challenge? Don’t miss the chance to sign up by April 30th (dates vary by challenge)! Can’t find a topic that you like? Stay tuned for new challenges for the fall semester coming out in June. Meanwhile, students can out our micro-modules choose from over 30 of them.  

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