Team Impact award: one of the many exciting opportunities for ECIU University students

ECIU | 2024-03-27

For the first time ever, ECIU University Team Impact Award will be given to four lucky winners during the ECIU University Forum in Kaunas. The purpose of this award is to show the entire community the impact of Challenges that candidates completed. To win the award, candidates will have to create a short creative film (up to 3 minutes), that best showcases the impact their team made during the ECIU University challenge/action.  

The ECIU team intends to present this award every year during the forum, which will take place in different member countries. This year, the winners will have the opportunity to participate in the forum in Kaunas with all travel expenses paid for. Not only teachers and researchers, but also students can apply for the award. 

This is just one of the many opportunities that open up by participating in ECIU University activities. This year alone, students will not only be able to go to various European countries to present the ideas generated during the challenges, but also participate in such events as the ECIU University members student meeting in Hamburg, the Hackathon in Linköping, Sweden, and others. Mobility (visit) to another country is financed depending on the specific activity of ECIU University.

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