Two new ambassadors have joined ECIU University

Important | 2024-03-27

In the end of 2023, ECIU University introduced its student-ambassador program, enabling students to actively engage in university activities. Each member institution, including KTU, selects students who actively promote ECIU University’s learning opportunities among their peers.  

KTU currently has nine active student ambassadors. In addition to spreading the word, ambassadors also attend international events and meetings where they share their perspectives on the opportunities provided by ECIU University, their quality, contribute to building the ECIU student community, and inspire fellow students to participate in the offered activities. 

We are thrilled to introduce you to the newest ECIU University student-ambassadors. They joined the ranks of the already formed team and became part of the international ECIU university community from the beginning of March. 


Student ambassador Osvaldas

My name is Osvaldas Žilinskas, and I am a sophomore student in the Informatics Engineering program. I decuded to join ECIU University to inspire and guide my peers towards the exciting opportunities this university offers. My goal is to highlight the diverse and global aspects of ECIU University, urging others to step outside their comfort zones and explore beyond their own study programs.


Student ambassador Yuliia

I am Yuliia Shulikova, and I’m a first-year student in the “Communication and Information Management Technologies” program. During my first semester, I had the opportunity to participate in the ECIU micro-module, which was truly inspiring. This experience motivated me to become a part of ECIU University team. Now I am passionate about sharing these amazing opportunities with my peers to encourage and inspire them to apply and aquire unforgettable memories. I firmly believe that this is a unique chance to broaden our horizons and acquire valuable skills outside of our chosen field of study.


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