assoc. prof. Virginijus Baranauskas

Expert recommendations | 2021-05-31

In the process of solving the challenges of the ECIU University, I liked being a part of the global process, obtaining new knowledge and experience in teamwork. I found great colleagues who also took part in this process. The biggest challenge that I have managed to overcome was how to convey the ideas and thoughts to students in the form of the proposal instead of criticism. Such remarks and proposals encourage more positive thinking in students. The challenge-based learning method is interesting because it involves the analysis of problems in a more global scope while looking for a specific solution to the problem. Most interestingly, the final solution or idea can be simple and at the same time completely unexpected. During the process of solving the challenge, the students were clarifying/solving a narrower problem.

I would recommend the students to participate in the ECIU challenges because it is a good experience of teamwork and cooperation in analysis/delving into the problems. While sharing their ideas, the students find various solutions to the problem. Moreover, it is a work with business representatives and a chance to demonstrate your knowledge and skills. To the students, who choose to solve challenges, I could advise them to listen to the opinion of another person, not be afraid to discuss and make futuristic solutions.