Skills for the 21st century careers: success formula in today’s job market

University | 2022-09-20

Challenge-based learning workshop

Have you heard about the #CBL? This is a challenge-based learning method, that provides very practical problem-solving and teamwork skills.

Interested? We invite you to participate in Wanted Career Days 2022 together with KTU and ECIU University and try the challenge-based learning in a workshop. What are the requirements of the changing job market in today’s context? What are the 21st-century competencies? How can they be developed? These are just a few questions that will be addressed during the workshop.

Meet the lecturers of the workshop:

Daunorienė, EDU_Lab
Dr Asta Daunorienė

Dr Asta Daunorienė

Asta heads the KTU EDU_Lab Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching, which motivates teachers to experiment, choose and apply innovative didactic methods in the study process. Asta is also an ECIU University challenge-based learning expert.



Jurgita Barynienė, KTU EDU_Lab
Dr Jurgita Barynienė

Dr Jurgita Barynienė

Jurgita is an expert in the applications of ECIU University’s challenge-based learning method in study programs and modules, she conducts training and consultations for teachers who want to apply this method in the study process.


When: Thursday, October 20, 12:40–14:00

Where: KTU Campus Library, M8, Studentų str. 48.

Snacks and coffee included!

The number of participants is limited, secure your place in the registration form:

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