ECIU University values to student

ECIU University values to student:

real impact

Real impact:

  • the ECIU University challenges are the ones that communities and organisations face at this very moment. Working with them will give you “first hand” experience and the possibility to contribute to real change;
  • the ECIU University challenges evolve around the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal no. 11 “make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable”.
new skills

New skills:

  • develop problem-solving and teamwork skills by solving a challenge;
  • gain new knowledge by completing a chosen micro-module.
international possibilities

International possibilities:

  • work in multidisciplinary and international teams;
  • enjoy mobility and discover other cultures;
  • the ECIU University connects 13 universities from 13 European countries.
co-creation and connections

Co-creation and connections:

  • you will work together with other learners, teamchers, government, business companies, and societal organisations;
  • create a network of field experts;
  • co-create the ECIU university – the new way of education on the European scale.


  • receive a certificate of participation in the challenge;
  • participation in ECIU University activities is awarded with the digital badge and extra point in application for talent scholarship;
  • teams that provide best challenge solution are able to receive a letter of recommendation from the challenge provider;
  • gain a certain amount of ECTS credits that will record your new skills gained during solving a challenge and completing a chosen micro-module (how credits are recognised differs in each institution).
challenge follow up

Challenge follow up:

  • possibility to present the solution on a local / European scale;
  • possibility to further collaborate with challenge provider;
  • possibility to commercialise the challenge solution.

Members of the ECIU University:

University of Twente (Netherlands)
Linköping University (Sweden)
Hamburg University of Technology (Germany)
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Spain)
Aalborg University (Denmark)
University of Aveiro (Portugal)
Dublin City University (Ireland)
Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania)
University of Stavanger (Norway)
University of Trento (Italy)
Tampere University (Finland)
Institut National Des Sciences Appliquées (France)
Lodz University of Technology (Poland)

Associated partner:
Partner of ECIU: Tec de Monterrey, Mexico.

Industrial stakeholders include:
Airbus, Cisco, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A., Ericsson AB, Hella Lithuania, Intel, Ignitis Group, Lyse Group, NXP, Ponsse, Sandoz Industrial Products S.p.A. Gruppo Novartis, Sick AG, and Suez Environment and others.

Challenge-based learning approach

The ECIU University’s challenge-based learning approach follows a specific structure consisting of three main steps: engage, investigate and act.

Engagement: The basis for motivation is to be working on a ‘Big Idea’. This might be anything within a social, economic, or environmental theme such as health or public transportation. All the participants, teachers, students and external partners make sure that they agree on the final challenge to work on.

Investigation: All the team need to ensure that they all understand the challenge and can contribute towards solving it with their knowledge and skills.

Action: partners can use their shared knowledge to design and prototype new solutions. The implementation of the prototype and the evaluation are steps in the action part.


ECIU University

ECIU University: challenge-based learning and innovation

ECIU University is European university where learners and researchers cooperate with cities and businesses to solve real-life challenges. The ECIU University will create a new university that is driven by demands of society, citizens and industry which enables us to work together across the borders of Europe and come up with solutions for the sustainable development goals.

The innovative university model was launched in November 2019 by the European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU).

ECIU University is united of 13 members – strong European universities that provide students with the most advanced learning opportunities.

ECIU University 2030 Vision

ECIU University’s mission, vision, values, key elements and operational guidelines until 2030

Flexible learning pathways: “European Degree”

The European Degree as a 21st Century competence passport

ECIU university

Relevant news,
ECIU history and
members’ experiences

Activity result

The movie about what KTU
and other ECIU University
members delivered in the
past two pilot years


Solved challenges

ECIU University students were involved into solving real challenges the Kaunas city faces. The Kaunas city challenges were introduced to the students of Computer Intelligence and Decision Making, a challenge-based module created by KTU. Students had to solve efficient resource management, air pollution, optimal routing of waste collection, parking, and road pothole challenges. The first group of students has already completed the module, offering five technology-based solutions.



What our students say


ECIU University for partners

   ECIU University values for partners

1. Find the solution to your challenge.

Enable ECIU University students and teachers to work on your provided challenge. The interdisciplinary and international teams might provide you with an entirely novel solution.

2. Contribute to the skills growth.

Solving your provided challenge helps the ECIU University learners gain much in demand problem-solving, teamwork and creative skills.

3. Connect to the brightest minds.

Working together with the brightest and most active minds across Europe gives you the opportunity for cooperation and links with prospective employees and business partners.

4. Be the part of the future of education.

Participation provides you with an opportunity to find solutions to the most pressing current issues within social, economic, and environmental challenges. In addition, joining the ECIU University, gives you an opportunity to co-create one of the first European Universities to be developing the new way for education on the European scale.

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